A Premier Provider of Machining Services CNC Lathes

PMP boasts several high speed, high precision single-spindle and dual-spindle lathes from Ø1/2″ through Ø10″ turning capacity.
Multiple high precision, single-spindle CNC lathes with magazine-load bar feed mechanisms for bar work from Ø1/2″ through Ø2-5/8″ diameter.
Vertical chucking lathes from Ø10″ through Ø30″ turning capacities.
Turn/Mill centers with “Y-axis” milling capability.
Machines are arranged in work cells equipped with a second or third machine for completing all processes at the same workstation to reduce work-in-process inventories and manufacturing costs.

Horizontal Machining Centers

Putnam’s HMCs excel at machining high-precision components for optical and electronic equipment, vehicle engine, suspension, fuel system, and drive-train components and industrial machinery components. Putnam’s HMCs handle high-speed, high accuracy machining as well as heavy-duty metal removal with 30 HP spindles, 4-Axis, 80-tool magazines, up to 2,300 inches per minute rapid rates, and quick-change workpiece fixturing.

Vertical Machining Centers

VMCs up to 30 HP, 40-tools, with rapid traverse rates of 1,575 inches per minute and maximum table loads of 4,400 pounds. Table sizes are 22″ x 51″ and 35″ x 60″. VMCs well-suited for machining such parts as pressure vessel flanges and covers, truck and off-highway vehicle suspension and drive-train components, industrial machinery components, and miscellaneous castings and forgings.

Sawing/Auxiliary Operations

In addition to CNC turning and milling, Putnam Machine Products offers most auxiliary machining operations, including high-speed CNC cold-sawing, CNC band-sawing, grinding, broaching, tapping, gear hobbing, spline and thread rolling, vibratory finishing, die-stamping and marking, straightening, and assembly. In addition, Putnam offers heat treating, plating, anodizing, and finishing through a number of quality-certified vendors.

Putnam Machine Products is equipped with two CNC automatic feed bandsaws with capacities to Ø10″ diameter and 10″ x 10″ square. Sawing bar-blanks saves valuable CNC turning machine time and minimizes material waste. Putnam now offers extremely fast, high-precision blanking of ferrous and non-ferrous bars Ø4.25” with a magazine-feed carbide tooth cold saw. The saw is capable of maintaining cut tolerances of ±0.002” at a 6-sigma Cpk of 1.67 or better.